This redesign project is an expressive exploration centered on ADHD, a disorder characterized by challenges in attention, memory, and various other facets of cognition and interaction. The book is a compilation of typographic experimental flyers, redesigned to mirror the chaotic and potent essence of ADHD. The images are altered to represent the disorder vibrantly and vividly, portraying the tumult within.

In its original form, the book was open, casually bound with hemp thread, its pages flowing without fixed sequence, echoing the unpredictable nature of ADHD. To infuse more of my voice and cater to the ADHD community, the book is now specially bound, aimed at making reading a more engaging and enjoyable experience for individuals with ADHD.

The book resonates with a harmonious bilingual rhythm, with one half in Chinese featuring a heartfelt confession from an adult with ADHD, and the other half in English, adorned with poems by hyperactive children. Bridging the two halves is a singular page, seamlessly connecting diverse experiences and voices, embodying unity in the midst of chaos.